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Jeffrey Vincent, Deputy Director, Center for Cities & Schools

Jeffrey Vincent, Deputy Director, Center for Cities & SchoolsJeffrey Vincent, Deputy Director, Center for Cities & Schools Jeffrey M. Vincent, PhD is Deputy Director and cofounder of the Center for Cities & Schools (CC&S) at the University of California, Berkeley. CC&S is an action-oriented think tank, whose mission is to promote high quality education as an essential component of urban and metropolitan vitality to create equitable, healthy, and sustainable cities and schools for all. Jeff has a PhD in city and regional planning from Berkeley and a master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of Nebraska. Prior to joining CC&S, he worked in city planning and community development related positions for more than ten years in addition to working for five years as an instructor at a Montessori farm school. Jeff’s research interests lie at the intersection of land use planning, community development, and educational improvement, with a particular focus on how school facilities serve as educational and neighborhood assets. Jeff’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, practitioner-oriented journals, books, and other outlets on a variety of issues, including school siting and design, housing redevelopment, state school construction policies, joint use of schools, youth engagement in redevelopment, refugee resettlement, and transit-oriented development aimed at families. He is also a researcher with Building Educational Success Together (BEST), a national collaborative providing research and resources to improve public school facilities.

Please listen to his presentation at the BCLI Issues and Advocates Speakers Series, Close the Opportunity Gap: Prioritizing Schools in Planning for Sustainable Communities.