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Tommy T. Moala, Assistant General Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Tommy MoalaTommy T. Moala is Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Wastewater Enterprise, which protects public health and safety through the collective treatment of raw sewage and stormwater runoff. Tommy oversees operations, equipment and facilities maintenance, structural design, and governmental compliance for the City’s three innovative wastewater treatment plants, 900-mile long sewer system and network of wastewater pumping stations. Tommy began his 20-year career with the SFPUC as a Stationary Engineer, moving up steadily through the ranks. A team recipient of the National Protection Agency O & M award and the National Association of Clean Water Agency award, Tommy has also received Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Public Managerial Excellence award and the SFPUC’s O’Shaughnessy award for organizing the SFPUC Emergency Response Team dispatched to Hurricane Katrina.
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