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Low-income housing complex gets planners' OK

Submitted by News Desk on Mon, 01/26/2009 - 12:11pm

SAN LEANDRO — A 100-unit rental apartment complex for lower-income tenants — described by detractors as a potential "ghetto" and by backers as "the right thing to do for our citizens" — received solid backing from San Leandro's seven planning commissioners Thursday.

The project next to the downtown BART station, the cornerstone of San Leandro's transit-oriented development philosophy, now goes to the City Council on March 2 for a final vote.


County discusses new ways to be 'green"

Submitted by News Desk on Mon, 01/26/2009 - 11:47am

Elected officials from around Alameda County gathered in San Leandro on Friday to discuss how the county can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions — despite harsh economic times — and create a "greener" future to ward off permanent climate change.

"If, in fact, we don't find time to clean up our environments," county Supervisor Keith Carson said, "then we are not handing over to the next generation a place of improvement, but rather a place that has been forecast by many to be a place of doom."


Contra Costa helps aged-out foster youths gain valuable work experience

Submitted by News Desk on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 11:36am

Last year about this time, 23-year-old Greg Jeffery Jr. worked for minimum wage in a 99-cent store.

And Kelly DeGraaf, 19, held down a retail mall job where she often worked late into the night and struggled to find time for her studies.

Today, these two Concord students attend college and work part-time for Contra Costa County in a new program, Project Yes, designed to help emancipated foster children successfully transition into adulthood.

As many as five additional former foster youths will start internships in January in the county planning department or its printing and mailing services division.


Yes on the Measure VV Event

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 10/17/2008 - 2:33pm

Over 50 students, parents, bus riders, and people representing community and faith organizations gathered at the busiest bus hub in Oakland to spread the word about Measure VV and why it needs to pass in this November’s election. The group held a rally and then gave information out directlIMG_2104 by uhflickr.y to bus riders.

If passed by voters in November, Measure VV will fill the gap in AC Transit’s operating budget – preventing service hikes and major budget cuts. If Measure VV doesn’t pass, then the consequences could be devastating to AC Transit’s over 200,000 daily riders- many of whom have no other transportation option and include youth, seniors, working people, and people with disabilities.

Listen to KPFA Wendall Harper's report on the event click Here or listen to KCBS' Bob Melrose click Here

BRT Proposal Raises Questions, Fewer Answers at Commission

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 3:32pm

Planning commissioners Wednesday confronted what Chair James Samuels called “a chicken/egg problem”: How to define a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route without knowing its full impacts.

The controversial proposal from AC Transit would create a new bus route from Berkeley to San Leandro—running (possibly) from Berkeley’s downtown Bay Area Rapid Transit station to Bayfair BART.

But, as the report from city transportation planners Beth Greene and Kara Vuicich made clear, a great many questions remain unanswered, especially when four different governments are involved.

While the project belong to AC Transit—a public agency with its own elected board drawn from both Alameda and Contra Costa counties (the A and C in its name)—the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro must all sign off on the final plans.


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