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Michelle Romero, Redistricting Fellow, The Greenlining Institute

Michelle Romero, Redistricting Fellow, The Greenlining InstituteMichelle Romero, Redistricting Fellow, The Greenlining Institute Michelle Romero is an alumna of the Greenlining Leadership Academy’s Fellowship programs, where she served as Redistricting Fellow from 2010-11. Today, as the Claiming Our Democracy Program Manager, Michelle directs Greenlining Institute’s voting rights & registration advocacy, redistricting, and ballot reform efforts. Michelle believes that an empowered, engaged citizenry is the key to effective government. She received a Bachelor of Arts in World Literature & Cultural Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2010, where she worked to focus university attention on immigrant student issues and access to higher education. She served as the Legislative Liaison for her campus, was a member of the UC Student Association’s board of directors, and was undergraduate representative to the UC-wide faculty Board on Admissions & Relations with Schools. With experience in both state-wide and national policy organizing, Michelle has expertise in grassroots and direct action organizing.

Please listen to her presentation at the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus Quarterly Meeting, Assessing the Redistricting Process: What It Means for Our Communities