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Local Hire Campaigns: Fall Quarterly - September 10, 2010

Local Hire Campaigns: What's Happening
Right Now in the Bay Area

Local hire requirements in public and private projects can be a powerful means by which advocates and city and county governmental decision makers can work together to put local residents to work and influence socioeconomic equity.

In January of this year, a small group of advocates and decision makers came together during the Second Annual Social Equity Caucus State of the Region to share best practices, updates, and new strategies for winning strong local hire agreements and making sure that those agreements are effectively implemented, resourced, and supported.

This meeting is useful for advocates and decision makers from all sectors, including community groups, labor groups, and city and local electeds, staff, and commissioners from around the Bay. Many shared about their work related to local hire and others asked questions about how to move local hire campaigns for the communities they represent.

Read the speaker's bio and hear the podcast of their presentation:

* Juliet Ellis, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Executive Director of Urban Habitat, PUC and Urban Habitat
Joshua Arce, Executive Director, Brightline Defense Project
* John Brauer, Executive Director, The Workforce Collaborative
* Bernida Reagan, Director of Community and Client Relations, Merriwether Williams Insurance Services