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Chione Flegal, Senior Associate, PolicyLink

Chione Flegal, Senior Associate, PolicyLinkChione Flegal, Senior Associate, PolicyLink Chione works to ensure that infrastructure policy promotes social, economic, and environmental equity. She leads PolicyLink efforts to address infrastructure disparities in low-income unincorporated communities in California’s San Joaquin Valley and to promote equitable solutions to climate change. Prior to joining PolicyLink, Flegal managed Latino Issues Forum’s Sustainable Development program and directed the organization’s environmental health and justice work. Flegal advises the California Air Resources Board on the implementation of climate policy by serving on the AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee. She holds a Masters in City Planning and a BS in environmental science, policy, and management from the University of California, Berkeley.

Please listen to her presentation at the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus Quarterly Meeting, Equitable Alternatives to AB 32's Cap-and-Trade Program.

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