Seeds of Change Planted in Violence-Plagued Community

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RICHMOND, Calif. (KCBS) – Dump trucks roll in and out of a bulldozed park at 4th and McDonald, an area that was once home to what locals referred to as “the devil’s playground,” because of the rampant drug dealing and violence.

City Of Richmond Experiencing A Revival

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RICHMOND -- The beginning of summer is when Richmond police typically begin to worry, because that is when crime skyrockets.

But Thursday night, the only skyrockets were in the skies. Hundreds of residents turned out for the annual fireworks display in the city's Marina Park area..

The Marina has always been the safest part of Richmond. The city's poor, violent neighborhoods are on the other side of highway 580. But now police say that part of town is undergoing an amazing transformation.

Chevron Richmond proposal moves on to City Council

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Chevron's bid to upgrade equipment at its Richmond refinery is scheduled to reach the City Council for a ruling July 15.

No one is satisfied with the city's June 19 decision to grant a permit for the project along with about 70 provisions. Chevron filed a formal appeal the next day, stating that some requirements are not related to the company's plan to replace its hydrogen plant, power plant and reformer to refine a wider range of crude.


Richmond's Ford Assembly Plant wins national historic preservation award

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The old Ford assembly plant on Richmond's waterfront survived the end of its car-assembling years, a major earthquake, water damage, vandals and multiple proposals for its demolition to witness a rebirth that has now captured national acclaim.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has awarded the building one of 15 National Preservation Honor Awards. Winners will be lauded at a conference Oct. 23.


Atchison Village: A cooperative in Richmond Changes with the Times

Atchison Village, going strong since 1941 © Scott Braley 2008

Atchison Village Mutual Homes sits less than a mile from a shoreline park with postcard-perfect views of the San Francisco Bay—and on the edge of the “Iron Triangle,” one of the hardest-hit areas of Richmond, California, a city deserted by industry and ravaged by violence.

When you walk around the Village on a summer Sunday, you smell meat grilling and hear the buzz of lawn mowers and the bells of an ice cream truck playing,“Do your ears hang low?” Neighbors chat about gardening and kids play soccer or baseball in the park at the heart of the Village. A family might be setting up for a quinceañera in the wood-floored and paneled community building, where the Village also holds its meetings.

The federal government built Atchison in 1941 to house workers streaming in from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the deep South to work at the Kaiser Shipyards, building ships for sale to Great Britain.

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