Chevron Tries Sacramento End-Run Around CEQA

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Chevron is trying to use Sacramento lobbying to bypass environmental protections for Richmond.Negotiations are still going on between environmental groups, the city of Richmond and Chevron about protections for restarting the Chevron expansion project. But Chevron is now lobbying the state legislature to sneak through a special exemption which allows the giant oil company to do its project without having to file an Environmental Impact Report and reach agreement with the city about environmental protections.  

Greening Equity: Richmond, CA

Achieving Equity in Green Economic DevelopmentAchieving Equity in Green Economic Development

The Greening Equity Report for Richmond, California is the result of the early community outreach and research efforts of the Richmond Equitable Development Initiative (REDI) to understand the state of the green economy in the greater Richmond area. The overarching goal of this report is to inform community members, local stakeholders and especially city officials and local leaders so that they can promote and support activities, programs, and policies that will advance equitable green economic development with an emphasis on the following areas:

  •     Creating opportunities to grow green collar employment and businesses 
  •     Ensuring that new green jobs offer livable wages and benefits
  •     Connecting residents to employment and/or training opportunities
  •     Promoting efficient and environmentally-friendly land use decisions
  •     Leveraging federal, state, and local funds to enhance economic opportunities for residents
  •     Supporting policies that create new markets for green products and services.

A message to the Richmond Chamber Membership and the Community

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Correspondence with the Mayor: A message to the Richmond Chamber Membership and the Community

As residents of Richmond, we know that jobs and the economy are the most important issues we face today in the City of Richmond. As I believe this is an important message, I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to date as to our on going conversations with the Mayor. Below, you will find our correspondence with the Mayor's office.  If you should have any questions or comments please email me at

Judy Morgan comments to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-3-2010

Mayor McLaughlin response to Judy Morgan, 2-8-2010
Josh Genser, Genser & Watkins, letter to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-11-2010
Bob Connolly, RCOC Board Chair, letter to Mayor McLaughlin, 2-11-2010

Judy Morgan
Richmond Chamber of Commerce

See related item: Mayor McLaughlin's Response to Richmond Chamber of Commerce 2-14-2010 (Updated 9-7-2010) 

Chevron Threatens To Leave Longtime Home

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Smoke billows from a Chevron Corp. refinery in Richmond, Calif.
The biggest producer of greenhouse gases in California is the Chevron Corp.'s oil refinery in the Bay Area town of Richmond, just east of San Francisco.

The refinery opened more than a century ago, and in spite of the bad air, Richmond has always been a loyal company town.

Until lately.

The refinery is nestled on a bank of hills right next to the San Francisco Bay. It's a Byzantine complex of tanks, steam boilers and 8,000 miles of piping. The refinery produces jet fuel, gasoline and diesel.

Over the past century, the Richmond refinery has prospered, helping Chevron make billions in profits.

Chilly Climate for Oil Refiners

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Only a few years ago, a cry went up that the United States needed more oil refineries. The perceived shortage was so acute that George W. Bush, president at the time, even offered disused military bases as sites for building them.

Not only did that never come to pass, but the reverse is now happening. The business of oil refining is mired in a deep crisis, with five refineries having shut down this year, including plants in Delaware, New Jersey, California and New Mexico.

Preventing disparities at forefront of health care reform

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Federally funded security guards at dangerous neighborhood parks. Federal grants to poor neighborhoods to build grocery stores or to keep school gyms open after hours.

These are the types of unprecedented — yet uncontroversial — disease prevention initiatives whose inclusion has been lost in the rancorous debate over health care reform legislation working its way through Congress.

Reclaiming health: Residents battle to overcome health inequities

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A church boardroom seems like an oasis in an area so crime-ridden that iron fences topped with spikes protect most homes. Inside the church, residents settle into padded leather chairs to plan a better future for the East Oakland neighborhood of Sobrante Park. They want to reduce crime, decrease neighborhood blight, and reopen a park closed years ago after a homicide.



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