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The Border (Summer/Fall 1996)

Vol. 6, No. 4 and Vol. 7, No. 1: Summer/Fall 1996

Steel walls.  Military-style attack raids.  People hunted down to be beaten, and sometimes killed, by government agents.  Politicians speaking the language of ethnic cleansing.  This description is not of Northern Ireland, Palestine, or Bosnia.  Instead it is a picture of the United States/Mexico border.  This issue reveals: The Border as a Rightwing Political Issue, Repression on the Border, Military-style Operations, Steel "Berlin Wall," Raids, and The North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Editors' Notes

1  Las Fronteras/The Borders: U.S./Mexico
     by Ruben Solis & Cipriana Jurado

The Border Environment

3  Profile: Tijuana, Mexico

5  Canon del Padre: A Portrait of Irresponsibility
     by Maurilio Sanchez Pachuca

6  The Border, Paradise for the Industrialists
by Martha Rocha

6  New News at the New River
     by Jose Bravo

8  Profile: Nogales

11 Profile: Sunland Park, New Mexico

13 Profile: Colonia Rio Bravo, Juarez, Mexico

14 Battling to Hold the Line
     by Felix Perez

16 Presto Locks
     by Cipriana Jurado Herrera

17 Region in Crisis: The Lower Rio Grande Valley
     by Sergo Garza

20 Organizing for Justice on the Border
     by Enrique Valdivia

Movement History

23 The Origins of the Border Justice Campaign

Immigration & Human Rights

25 Monitoring the Migra

30 Border Fatalities: The Human Costs of A Militarized Border

34 "Los Desaparecidos" of the Border

37 Immigration & the Environment: Myths & Facts

39 The Political Prison in Mexico
     by Judith Galarza

Indigenous People

40 Cross-border Indigenous Nations: A History
     by Rachel Hays

42 Native Nations Pursue Sovereignty, Fair Trade and a Clean Environment in the Borderlands
     by Rachel Hays

45 Are NAFTA's Mechanisms Serving Their Purpose?
     by Cesar Luna


47 New Ways of Organizing for Women Workers in the Maquilas
     by Carmen Valadez & Jaime Cota

51 The Circle of Poison at the Border
     by Rufino Dominguez Santos

Public Health

52 Border Health Under Seige
     by Sylvia Herrera 

Nuclear Waste

53 Welcome to Nukeyland!
     by Richard Boren