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Peace Now (Spring/Summer 1994)

Special Military Conversion Issue (Vol.4, No.4/Vol.5, No.1: Spring/Summer 1994)









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1   Bringing it All Back Home

     by Congressman Ronald V. Dellums

1   Opportunity for Environmental Justice?
     by Carl Anthony

3   Taking Back Fort Lawton
     by Bernie Whitebear

7   The Indigenous Perspective on Feminism, Wlilitarism and the Environment
     by Winona LaDuke

8   Challenging U.S. Militarism in Hawaii and Okinawa
     by Roy Takumi

10 Trials of Okinawa: A Feminist Perspective
     by Suzuyo Takazato

11 Los Alamos Lab: Toxic Johannesburg of New Mexico
     by Juan Montes

12 Labs Kill
     by Marylia Kelley

13 A Vision for Livermore Lab
     by Marylia Kelley and Greg Mello

14 Reintegrating Our Communities
     by Martha Matsuoka

18 Fighting for Community Needs Through Restoration Advisory Boards
     by Jo Ann Wilkerson

21 Labor: Call to Action

22 Conversion Up Close: Labor's Agenda for Change
     by Marc Baldwin

24 Dismantling the Cold War Economy
     by Ann Markusen and Joel Yudken

31 Expanding the Rights of the Poor
     by Lauren Hallinan

37 The Wall Comes Down: Konversion in Germany
     by Birgit Neuer

45 Military Conversion Resources