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Native Nations (Fall 1992)

Vol.3, No.3: Fall 1992

He who holds the pen controls history.

How else can we explain the white-washed versions of what passes as truth in this country? From the historical lies taught to schoolchildren to the false images projected by mainstream media to the tomahawk-chopping stereotypes absorbed and perpetuated by the masses, the truth about Native peoples and our history has been colorblind and culture-blind for far too long.

After years of repressive struggles, we are finally seeing the voices of Native peoples emerge to shed much needed light on the dark past of America's history.

The journeys of Native people through the last 500 years have been painful and much has been lost since the invasions. Whole nations of our relations were wiped out in the holocaust with no survivors to carry on their distinct cultures. The list of nations lost that appears in this issue was researched by the Morning Star Foundation with the acknowledgement that it is only a partial list of those no longer with us, except in spirit.

We remember and mourn for them in 1992, and we learn from them as well.

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1   Lost in America

     by Paul Smith

1   Discovering Columbus: Re-reading the Past
     by Bill Bigelow

3   We Are Still Here: The 500 Years Celebration
     by Winona LaDuke

4   Our Visions -- The Next 500 Years

5   Native Lands 1492-1 992

6   Stuck Holding the Nation's Nuclear Waste
     by Valerie Taliman

7   Status of MRS Grants

8   Oklahoma Tribal Response to MRS
     by Grace Thorpe

9   No Nuclear Waste on Indian Lands, an IEN Resolution

10 The Western Shoshone: Following Earth Mother's Instructions
     by Joe Sanchez

12 Declaration of Quito

13 The Off-Again, On-Again Garbage Dump
     by Marina Orfega

14 Partial listing of those Native Nations that did not survive the invasion, 1492-1992

16 Struggles Unite Native Peoples: An Interview with Chief Tayac
     by Phil Tajitsu Nash

18 Healing Global Wounds
     by Valerie Taliman