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Environmental Justice and the Law (Fall 1994/Winter 1995)

A Special Issue Examining Legal Work in the Environmental Justice Movement (Vol.5, No.2/3: Fall 1994/Winter 1995)







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1   Why the Law?

     by Francis Calpotura

2   The Movement and the Legal Community
     by Pat Bryant

3   Lawyers, the Law & Environmental Justice
     by Bernie Whitebear

8   New Developments in the Environmental Justice
     by Ann Bastian and Dana Alston

13  Washington Office on Environmental Justice
      by Deeohn Ferris

17  A Conversation with Linda Bullard

21  Voices from the Movement
      interviews by Heather Abel

25 Industrial Inner Cities Confront Contamination
     by Keith Harley

28 Lawyering for Environmental Justice
     by Luke Cole

31 Farm Land, Hog Operations, and Environmental Justice
     by David H. Harris, Jr.

34 Texans Challenge High Voltage Lines
     by Enrique Valdivia & Ashley Bracken

35 New Environmental Poverty Law Project Battles a Garbage Incinerator
     by Jim Freeman

37 The Legal Education of a Community Worker
     interview by Heather Abel

39 Environmental Justice and Civil Rights
     by Alice Brown

42 "What's Intent Got To Do With It?"
     by Matthew Chachere

46 The Human Side of Environmental Racism: A Visit to Columbia, MS
     by Wendy Brown-Scott

48 Fighting Toxics on the Bayou
     by Sharon Carr Harrington

50 For the People
     by B. Suzi Ruhl

52 From White Knight Lawyers to Community Organizers
     by Richard Toshiyuki Drury and Flora Chu

55 An Open Letter to Environmental Law Clinics

58 Louisiana's Legal Eagles
     by Bob Keuhn

60 Practicing Law for the People
     by Anne Simon

61 Jurist Quits SCLDF Board in Dispute
     by Dennis Pfaff

62 Impact Litigation: A Critique
     by Flora Chu and Richard Toshiyuki Drury

back cover SWOP SLAPPPED, Help Fight Back

back cover New Environmental Justice Resource Center Launched
     by Judith Lurie