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Maya Rogers

We need to create a better environment and give kids stronger chances to be awesome in life. We want them to be good people, succeed in society and have the opportunities to do well and not struggle in the ways that we have struggled.

Right now, one of the big trends in the city is everyone acting independent of one another. People use to be more interdependent, where you knew you could depend on your neighbor if you needed. Another huge thing is police violence against people. Police shootings are a huge thing nationwide. In our community here in the Bayview, there’s a large part of activism centered around respecting people’s civil rights and just not shooting or killing people. It sounds very simple but it’s a more systemic situation.

A huge piece of what I teach my daughter is about differences and knowing that you’re blessed even if you don’t live in a multi-million dollar house. You’re blessed to be here. You’re blessed to be able to have food to eat and a roof over your head. Another part is self-love, which doesn’t mean dislike of others. I love everyone, including myself and I want my daughter to love everyone, including herself. If you don’t love you, you can’t love anyone else in a real, genuine way. My daughter and I talk about things like homelessness, because those are very real things that she comes in contact with every day. I don’t ever want her to ignore these societal issues no matter what her position in life becomes.

Maya Rogers
Community Advocate and Social Worker