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Miles From Home: The Traffic and Climate Impacts of Marin's Unaffordable Housing

NPHNon Profit Housing Association of Northern California recently released a report that connects the region's traffic and climate impacts to Marin's need for affordable housing. Much has been written about the role of affordable housing in providing security, choice, and upward mobility for its residents. Businesses increasingly
understand the connection between housing costs and retaining a quality, competitive workforce. Neighbors see the positive impact of affordable housing when derelict properties are replaced with attractive, well-managed homes that provide stability during times of economic setback.

Miles from Home, a new report from Live Local Marin, explores the impact that the lack of workforce housing in Marin has had on traffic and our environment. It addresses the role that affordable housing can play in taking cars off the road and protecting against climate change—two issues that are particularly important in Marin. We think you'll agree it provides vital data supporting the need for new affordable housing opportunities in Marin County. It is our hope that the report will inject new context into the discussion about affordable housing, and refocus the debate on how to help people with strong roots in Marin live closer to where they work.


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