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Submitted by News Desk on Wed, 03/24/2010 - 4:38pm

The Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on a law that would make it illegal to sit or lay down on any inch of the sidewalk in the City and County of San Francisco.  If this law passes, people will be issued $100 tickets simply for sitting down on the sidewalk; repeat offenders will be subject to 30 days in jail. We think it’s a terrible idea to criminalize the act of sitting in public space.  We are shocked that San Francisco of all places may be on the verge of adopting the most draconian “sit/lie” law in the country, and your help is needed to stop this.

We are responding by celebrating public space, San Francisco’s diverse and vibrant culture, and San Francisco’s history of tolerance.  I promise you that this event will be a big one.

On Saturday, March 27, people all over San Francisco will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them. Multiple events have already been planned and the list is growing by the day. 

What can you do for “Sidewalks are for People?” Anything! Just occupy a space on the sidewalk with a table, lawn chair or carpet. Then, make music, barbecue, do yoga, create a lemonade stand, read, relax, make art, have an argument, talk, sun bathe, do your taxes, play chess, meditate, do tai chi, eat, knit, dance, paint, write, sit, lie down, play -- Anything!

We will provide you with some basic materials to hand out to curious pedestrians, along with tools to support you in orchestrating this in the most effective way.  Other than that, we leave it up to you to organize the best event that you can.  You can do whatever you want, but please do something.

CONTACT: to learn more about how to get involved and make your individual action cohesive with the hundreds of other people who will be participating.

Coming Soon! A website where you can find planned events or where you can post your own event.

Facebook page is up now: San Francisco Stands Against Sit / Lie