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In Honor of ALL fallen Victims of Po'Lice Terror

"In Honor of ALL fallen Victims of Po'Lice Terror" by Tiny

Oscar Grant, Nadra Foster, Idriss Stelly,
Ahmed mohammed, Sean Bell,
Amadou Diallo, Lucerno Rodriguez,
Marlon Crump ,Mama dee gray-garcia and me,
Some of these folks you know-
some you never will see
Taken away,
silenced, destroyed
and killed by Po-lice,
racism and povertee

We share one hit-
one shot
–one mark
-one drop
Someone had the power
someone did not!
Its called the po’Lice
and they called the shots

From Palestine to Oakland,
From LA to KPFA
inside outside
streetside –to parkside
with homes and without
a culture trained to kill is called upon to intervene
cause people say we have nothing else-

I say -
what does that mean?
For poor magazine
it means we make something else
do something deep-old and rooted in earth,
the creator, our elders-you and me-
we convene-
as a community-
for as long as it takes
we take back out voices-our spirits,
our cultures, our languages, our power-
our beauty- our land – our humanity…

we get off the corporate , capitalism, product –driven-violence
perpetrating- thing wanting train until we can see that there is
another way to resolve conflicts that never means
Po-lice brutality

agents with guns- trained to kill and destroy
instead of protect
even one

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia co-editor POOR Magazine/PNN, welfareQUEEN
and daughter of Dee.


The Oscar Grant Memorial Arts Project is Co-Sponsored by Media Alliance