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Oscar Grant's Glimpse of the New Year

"Oscar Grant's Glimpse of the New Year" by Rashida Mack

I am an African American 22 yr old man,
I am told to hit the ground,
pushed down,
I am lying on a Los Angeles platform,
As commanded,
Face down,
I hear a shot,
Then feel pain
I am shot,
Fading black.

Your Happy New Year to me,
Now called a mistake?
Glock 9mm,
Taser gun,
Glock 9mm,
On my stomach,
Face down,
Taser or Glock,

My body lies face down,
Shot down,
On the ground,
Murdered in the first degree,
On January 1st,2009,
In the United States of America.

My name was Oscar Grant.




The Oscar Grant Memorial Arts Project is Co-Sponsored by Media Alliance