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News from Reimagine!

Participants in a Collaborative Liberation Arts Workshop.  ©2017 Malia ValentinBeginning with this Volume (22 No. 1 & 2), Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E) articles will be published online first and print editions will be released as a single volume. We will publish additional timely articles online as they are produced throughout the year. Print subscribers will receive a single annual volume and special editions and compilations of articles.

With this issue, we offer our heartfelt gratitude and respect to our compañera Merula Furtado, who has copyedited RP&E since 2005. Throughout this time she has pushed us to attain high professional standards and she helped transition RP&E to its new home as a project of Reimagine! Merula is now working full time with so we need new members. Interested copyeditors and proofreaders are invited to apply ( Thank you Merula!

Thanks also go to past contributing editors Marcy Rein, Eric K. Arnold, and J. Douglas Allen-Taylor; and special thanks to Margi Clarke who stepped into copyediting duties above and beyond her new role as Contributing Editor. With this issue we also welcome Karina Muñiz-Pagán who coordinated our Sanctuary section and offer special appreciation to Christine Joy Ferrer whose design sense and artistic vision continue to make RP&E beautiful.

A new installation of the I Am San Francisco (IAMSF) exhibit by our correspondent Jarrel Phillips will be showing December 2017 – February 2018 at San Francisco State ( In 2018 we are looking forward to releasing a special issue of RP&E compiling dozens of stories and interviews that have been collected for IAMSF. Donors of more than $45 will receive a complimentary copy! Please visit

In the fall of 2017 the Collaborative Liberations Arts Workshop Series (CLAWS) sponsored an expanded schedule of workshops and performances, and Project Director Jess Clarke was awarded a residency at the Finnish Hall in Berkeley to support the development of this work. We will present our first work-in-progress performance in December 2017 with more to come in 2018. For upcoming events and workshops see


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