Right to Write

Right to Write CoverThe 2019-2020 political year will require our movements to turn back the reactionary forces that occupy the White House, the judiciary and legislative bodies across the nation. To do so we need to be able to dig deep into our own history and stories so our resistance isn't co-opted into a refreshed neoliberalism that does nothing for our communities and continues the course toward climate chaos.

As it happens, we have co-published two books recently, (with spines!) that can enable us to enter this coming season of combat with integrity. 

[Describe mujeres and flood the hood]

When we went independent in 2014 RP&E begin printing the journal with a spine, built a brand new website with 20 years of back issues available for free, and began releasing our archives to the academic audience via JSTOR. In 2016 we began offering theater and movement workshops to deepen the in-person connections and community that sustain our movements.  Now, just shy of thirty years after our founding we have broadened our print publishing platform to include books created by our contributing editors and a new podcast series called NOOL - Threads: Weaving the South Asian Diaspora.

As we announced in Volume 22, RP&E will now appear in print form on an annual basis, featuring the best and most durable stories from the previous year, as well as a selection of as yet unpublished content that will appear near simultaneously online.

IN THIS ISSUE you will find sections excerpted from four books from Reimagine! contributors. Two of these books have now been co-published by Reimagine! and are available as acknowledgment gifts for our Premium Level Donors. Two more books are on the horizon: Free City College is due out in 2020 on PM Press and I Am SF is slated for 2021.

Organizational print subscribers (including university and other libraries) will continue to receive hard copies of the journal delivered to their subscripion address. Individual Premium Donors will receive their choice of the annual collection and individual books that are published by Reimigine's contributing editors in collaboration with Freedom Voices Press as well as other indpendent and academic publishers.

Our full 25 year archive remains available here (for free) on Reimagine's home website and at the premier academic archive JSTOR.